Replacing network interface card (NIC) in Debian5 OS

Today I’ve been asked for replacing network interface card on a server, where Debian 5.0.8 was present. I didn’t presume, that it will take me so much time – after replacing NIC , Debian couldn’t correctly enable it. What was more funny, I was using NIC from the same manufacturer and exactly the same model as old one.
After 30 minutes of digging I came up with an idea, which I would like to share.
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Tomcat and SSL certificates – small HOW-TO

As far as I know, Tomcat is one of the most known servers for Java developers. Before I started working for Goyello , I didn’t have too much experience with it. Several weeks ago I faced request form one of our clients to install delivered by him SSL certificate under Tomcat. After several days of digging I found solution. What is more, I get knowledge what steps should have been taken to generate CSR and get SSL certificate from Certificate Authority company. Let’s take a look.
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Monitor LSI hardware RAID state with Nagios and mpt-status

Nagios is one of the most powerful Open Source monitoring application. One of it’s main purposes is ability to write own monitoring scripts.
One of the most important factors in hardware is hard drive status. In almost every modern server there is RAID controller which enables to create hardware RAID. It’s good to know what is the state of RAID array on our server. Let’s take a look how to configure server, where LSI RAID controller is present, and Nagios , to have instant knowledge about array status.

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How to use svn over https in Redmine

According to official Redmine website , ‘Redmine is a flexible project management web application‘. I’ve met Redmine when I started working in Goyello. In my opinion it is one of the greatest project management application. One of it’s feature is to track SVN repository for every single project your team is working on. Unfortunately, basic Redmine configuration has problems with SVN over secure http (https). So how  to use svn over https? It is quite simple, and you can enable it in three steps.

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Create new hardware RAID1 array next to existing one with MegaRaid utility

Several day ago I was asked to add two new SCSI disks to LSI RAID controller and create new RAID1 array. Looks quite simple, isn’t it? Unfortunately on this machine there were already configured disks. So how to create new array and leave existing one without changes? In this post I will describe it step by step, to avoid loosing data from existing disks.

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Running CloneZilla from Ubuntu LiveCD (in terminal)

CloneZilla in my opinion is very powerful application to create all kind of disk backup. What is more, CloneZilla is an Open Source software, so it can be use in every company. CloneZilla is available as LiveCD or LiveUSB so there shouldn’t be a problem tu run it on almost every PC. Almost… because several days ago my latest CloneZilla (1.2.8-23) failed to discover hard drive on one of my PC. So I tried to run it from Ubuntu LiveCD terminal. Continue reading

Software RAID1 – Fix ‘mismatch cnt is not 0′

This warning is connected with software RAID1 (and variations of this RAID method). Generally it means, that there is logical inconsistencies in the RAID devices. In my case it happens once a month. There is nothing to scare, as ‘mismatch cnt is not 0′ warning is very simple to fix (although it takes some time). Continue reading